Thought Leadership


Connection – how do we keep connected following the worst 2 years of many people’s lives?


Well just something simple like gathering at a country park and enjoying the surroundings can produce the greatest outcomes.

We recently met to introduce new people who had joined Aspire, as well as supporting old friends to re connect.

My joining the organisation during lockdown had prevented the meeting of people face to face. Yes, I had spoken to people on the telephone and met through zoom, but there is nothing like seeing people in person.

“Who are you?” – I was greeted by someone who I had spoken to numerous times on the telephone. Only saying my name.

“Oh, I know, you enjoy doughnuts” I had to think for a moment then remembered a very early telephone call with someone who was very distressed and anxious.

The conversation had ended in our mutual liking of doughnuts and a particular shop where they were sold.

How little I knew that the conversation I had over 6 months earlier would be remembered.

Thankfully the anxiety and distress were not the memory.

Connection how important.