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Aspire’s Learning Journey

Aspire’s Learning Journey


Recruiting new people and supporting them through our learning journey and then asking for feedback.

What does it look like for the organisation? but how does it feel to the new worker?

It is all too easy to expect more than is reasonable when a new worker starts their journey, so ensuring an inclusive induction and outlining the training and development pathway is essential.

Ensuring safe practice completing mandatory training and the care certificate being coached through every step. Taking feedback responding to learning needs and styles all crucial to ensure the worker feels they belong.

How do you feel?

“I feel great I am putting all my knowledge into learning” “It makes me feel I know what I am doing”

“I feel confident” “I feel supported”

Are you ready for moving on? Shadowing, competency observations and stepping out into delivering the best social care you can?

“Yes, I want to learn more” “I want to make a difference” “I feel good”

Now let’s move to development let’s look at what else you need to support your journey and the support you offer all people supported are different and lots of development routes

Specific modules to learn more about conditions, strategies, and responding to needs.

Level 2’s to consolidate learning and check knowledge into practice and getting ready for Level 3’s

“I am really enjoying learning,” “this is a career path” “I want to succeed” “I am happy doing what I am doing well”

“Wow I only started with Aspire 16 weeks ago and I am now on level 2 qualifications and ready to consider level 3” “I hadn’t done any training for years”