About Us

Who we are

We’re Aspire Personalised Care, and we specialise in providing highquality support for adults with complex care needs. Our personalised approach allows us to tailor our client’s support based on their individual needs.  
Since 2009, when Cathrine White started Aspire Personalised Care, we’ve been providing our adaptable specialist support services for adults in Rotherham, Sheffield and Doncaster.  
During our time in the social care industry, we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of talented professionals and supporting them in their careers. Fast-forward to today and our dedicated team has over 60 years of experience supporting and caring for our community – so you could say we’re the experts. 
At Aspire Personalised Care, we don’t believe in labels. Our clients have varying conditions, so we provide personalised care for everyone. We help adults of all ages and backgrounds with complex care needs so that they can live independently.   

Aspire PC

Our empathetic and highly skilled support workers assist our clients with a wide range of tasks and activities, with a focus on ensuring our client’s needs are supported so they can live independently in their own homes. Providing the utmost care to our clients based on their individual needs is our main priority. That’s why we set a minimum of one hour per client, to ensure our support workers truly understand the people they care for and really make a difference to their lives. No two days are the same at Aspire Personalised Care, but here are some examples of the daily duties our support workers do:

Social inclusion

Promoting independence by supporting clients access community activities and venues.

Admin support

Supporting clients in understanding and managing their appointments and finances, and ensuring bills are paid on time.

Shopping and meal planning

Helping our clients plan meals and shop for groceries, following any dietary needs set out by the client’s support plan.

Household tasks

Encouraging independence and a clean environment by assisting with tasks such as ironing, taking out the bins, laundry, hoovering, and light cleaning.

What are our values?

At Aspire Personalised Care, we’ve developed our company values so that everyone we work with, both clients and employees, receives the care and respect they deserve. After all, we care like family. Here are the values that we live by:

1. We care like family.

Our team care for our clients as though they are caring for their mum, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt or any other family member. Caring is the key to ensuring our clients live independently.

2. We don’t deal in labels.

We provide support and care based on the individual’s needs, not based on a label. We get to know our clients individually, build excellent working relationships, and understand what they need from us.

3. We believe in being organised.

Organisational skills are a top-tier trait we look for in our team; what we do requires talented professionals who can organise their days and provide organisational support to their clients.

4. We practice patience.

Patience is a virtue in the care industry, and that’s why our team are all Cool, Calm and Collected. If you want to join us, you also need to possess the three C’s.

5. We are hardworking.

We can’t rest until we know we’ve done a good job because we care about the work we do. Everyone at Aspire Personalised Care is hardworking and comes to work aspiring to improve.

6. We provide everyone with the same opportunities.

In return for our team’s hard work and dedication to their role, we provide everyone with the same opportunities to progress in their career. At Aspire Personalised Care, we fund our employees up to level 5 in health and social care to help you become the best version of yourself.

Meet the Team

Alongside our team of 50+ support workers, here are some faces you might meet along the way.

Catherine White Director
Lynne Allan CEO
Liam Watson Registered Manager
Nicola Walker Service Manager
Sam Freeman HR & Finance Manager
Sally Ashmore Service Manager
Emma Oxley HR & Finance Assistant
Joe Shirtliffe Scheduling Manager
Niamh Kelly First Contact Administrator
Lizzie Wilson-Wolfe Senior Support Worker
Simon Rodgers Senior Support Worker
Jordan Bishop Senior Support Worker
Radley Office Dog