About Us

Aspire is an organisation that specialises in tailoring high quality support to service users based on their individual needs. It was founded in April 2009 by Cathrine White.

Director – Cathrine has over 40 years of experience in the social care field.

CEO – Lynne joined the team in 2011 as CEO and brings with her 15 years of previous experience as a Service Delivery Manager with accomplished people and strategic management skills. Lynne has a desire to maintain and continually improve the standard of personal support provided to our clients.

Our experienced staff all have previous experience of supporting people with Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Autism & Asperger’s. Our dedicated staff enjoy what they do for a living and more importantly, care about the clients and their goals.

Meet the team

Our Services

We help people to live in the community as independently as they want to, with access to a great range of activities and training. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, these include:

Support Services

Hospital Discharge

This would include a thorough clean of the property and making sure all services are switched on i.e. Gas/Electric

Managed account

All managed account services follow the requirements set out by the local City Council regarding managing Direct Payments. Managed accounts can be used to pay a PA, a care agency, or for goods & services.

Manage Connect for support account

Manage your account and any transactions on your Connect for Support.

Financial Monitoring support

Help with budgeting and paying bills. Also help to save for any emergencies or future social activities. We can build in to a plan short and long term goals.

Shopping support

Support in shopping for groceries or personal items and providing transport.

Social inclusion support

Support in attending social situations at your pace with a set plan of what you want to achieve and how we can do it together.

Support planning

Once people know how much money they have (resource allocation) they develop a support plan that describes how they want to spend it. This is signed off by the local authority against a specific criteria and after a while will be reviewed together to see how things are going.

Meal planning and support

Looking at meal planning for the week and the budget available we can work out a weekly menu and divide recipes that we can plan/follow together building a knowledge of cooking/planning and budgeting.

Sitting Service

Provide short respite service to Carers. Enable the Carer to have some personal, quality time. We would provide good quality care and individual support and company.

Overnight support

Overnight support ensuring warmth and comfort and fills the gap between the last point of care during the evening and the first point of care the next day.

Assist with light household duties

When certain daily household tasks can become more difficult to manage. We can offer a service where a support worker is able to assist those difficult tasks such as ironing, putting recycling bins out, laundry, hoovering, bed making, and light cleaning duties to enable you to carry on enjoying your life in your home.